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Andrei P. Guzaev, Ph.D.

President & CSO


Our founder, Dr. Andrei Guzaev also serves as a consultant to the pharmaceutical and allied industries. As an expert in nucleoside, nucleotide, and oligonucleotide synthesis, he has helped clients solve problems in their oligonucleotide synthesis facilities with an emphasis on developing or improving reagent base, processes, and productivity. A graduate of Moscow Institute of Fine Chemical Technology, Russia, he has over thirty years of diversified academic, industrial, and consulting experience in the oligonucleotide synthesis. His experience includes all aspects related to oligonucleotide chemistry, including preparation of building blocks, process research, optimization, scale-up, synthesis, and purification of complex oligonucleotides. Prior to founding AM Chemicals LLC, Dr. Guzaev served, for 6 years, as Assistant Director at the California-based Ionis Pharmaceuticals, Inc.  Previous roles include: teaching, research, and management positions at University of Turku, Finland and Institute of Immunology Moscow, Russia.

Select List of Completed Projects

  • Expert guidance to select appropriate commercial tools for the preparation of standard, modified, and radiolabeled oligonucleotides

  • Set up new oligonucleotide synthesis labs (personnel and equipment selection) to jump-start production

  • On-site personnel training

  • Productivity improvement for phosphoramidite and oligonucleotide synthesis labs

  • Troubleshoot all steps of complex oligonucleotide synthesis projects (preparation of building blocks to purification of final products)

  • Development of novel reagents for modification of nucleosides, nucleotides, and oligonucleotides                

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