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Universal Phosphoramidite Reagent​


Our advanced universal phosphoramidite reagent eliminates the need of using nucleosidic solid supports. Regardless of the desired 3'-terminal nucleoside, most oligonucleotides can be synthesized starting with an OH- or NH2-functionalized solid support material by using the universal phosphoramidite in the first synthetic cycle. The unique design of our universal phosphoramidite ensures an efficient synthesis (as measured by the purity and yield) of oligonucleotides.

Product Features

  • Compatibility with standard oligonucleotide synthesis protocols

  • Requires no special treatments or reaction conditions

  • The hydroxy group is protected with an orthoester function readily removable under the standard detritylation conditions

  • Allows multiple attachment of other ligands (5’-end, 3’-end or at both the ends) to oligos

  • Synthesis of DNA, 2’-OMe (P=O and P=S backbones) oligos

  • Synthesis of RNA (P=O and P=S backbones) oligos

  • Simplified inventory and operation control

    • Single universal phosphoramidite versus attachment of several nucleoside residues

  • Most suitable for the use with flat surfaces in array technologies

  • Regulatory agency advantage – universal solid support deemed as raw material

Minimum order size

  • Universal Phosphoramidite Reagent (5 g) 

Pricing Infromation







User Guide for Universal Phosphoramidite Reagent (PDF)

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