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Non-nucleosidic Modifier Solid Supports for Introducing Functional and Reporter Groups

AM Chemicals has designed* a novel family of non-nucleosidic solid supports incorporating a variety of innovative features.  The unique design of our non-nucleosidic solid supports ensures an efficient synthesis (as measured by the purity and yield) of oligonucleotides.


Product Features

  • Novel, achiral non-nucleosidic building blocks (TMT-protected)

  • Amenable for single or multi-labeled oligo synthesis

  • Incorporation of the phosphoramidites at terminal or any desired position of the oligonucleotide

  • Compatible with standard oligonucleotide synthesis protocols

  • Free of structural motifs that lead to undesired side reactions at the deprotection step

  • Requires no special treatments or reaction conditions

  • Synthetically feasible for scale-up and manufacturing

  • Synthesis of DNA oligos with P=O and P=S backbones

  • Synthesis of RNA oligos with P=O and P=S backbones

  • Numerous phosphoramidites and solid supports:

    • Solid phase material – CPG (500 Å, 1000 Å, or 1400 Å), and Polystyrene

  • Numerous other ligands are available upon customer’s request

  • Scientific publications** on the design, synthesis of non-nucleosidic solid supports and preparation of ligand-oligonucleotides conjugates

**   1. Guzaev, A. P.  Oral presentation delivered at XXII International Round Table, Paris, July 2016 

       2. Gogoi, K., Vvedensky, V., and Guzaev, A.P. Poster presented at TIDES 2017 Conference, San Diego, May 2017 (PDF)

* US Patent 10,781,175

  • Minimum order size (25 g)

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